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Anthill is a Lublin initiative, which aims to build social awareness and stimulate social development. Trough Association’s activity, we fulfill the mission of educational, cultural and artistic development, commemorating history, preserving traditions. At a same time, we especially emphasize building values trough participatory activity performed in many different areas of social life.

Our main task is to build social awareness in the field of national values protection and social activation referring to broad spectrum of using it to artistic and – in a wider context – cultural activities. We are active participants of cultural initiatives in Lublin, whole region and cross-border projects.

In the near future, we plan to develop ideas associated with functional use of space and promoting churchyards management activities, conservatories activities and restoration works as well as graveyards and memory places renovations.

Within our cultural offer, we cooperate and co-participate in promoting Lublin Archidiocese’s activities. In our joint projects we focus on popularizing Polish culture, charity activities and activities for ecology and environmental protection.

We want our work to contribute to region’s development so residents can benefit from our initiatives.

Our projects

  • Revaluation of Polish civil graveyard in Kiwerce in Ukraine
  • Stanislaw Skalski Ace from Kodyma
  • Now Is The Time…Blessed Bishop Wladyslaw Goral. Silent Martyr of Church and Homeland.
  • Boleslaw Prus’ Lublin
  • Kazimierz Organ Festival
  • Trynitarska Tower Unknown Space
  • Musical Journey Trough Generations
  • Christian Pearls of Lublin Region
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